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What Is TEC?

TEC is more than just a church retreat. TEC is about relationships. As a Weekender (first time attendee), from the moment you arrive at the host church on Friday morning, you are greeted by a combined team of youth and adults who are there to serve you. It’s an entire weekend to relax, not stress about your life, and to have some time for self-reflection.

TEC is a place where high schoolers lead nearly everything. Throughout the weekend there are teenagers that give talks about their lives and how God has affected them. These talks include topics like "Who am I in relation to God?" "Responding to God's Love" and "What would Jesus Do?" After these talks you get time to have some time for self-reflection about your life. Not many places do you get to grow in your faith learning from peers the same age and place in life as you are.

Between the talks, you get to eat an endless amount of all sorts of food and talk with all kinds of new friends. There's lots of singing and other fun activities like going to a pool and having a talent share. By the end of the weekend, your table has become part of your family and you have the support of the entire TEC community. Every friendship built is through Christ and that makes it so much more powerful.

After you go back home these connections don’t go away. You will always have these people to talk to anytime, and anywhere. It is not like any typical retreat, and is a chance to grow in your personal faith and have lots of fun throughout the journey! So why not go through TEC? The worst that could happen is you have a great 3 day break from your life and you feel refreshed.

Testimonials From Parents

"When my daughter first asked about going through a TEC weekend I was excited because my sister used to work a similar program for adults (called Via De Cristo). I was anxious to see how TEC would help as teenagers grow. As I watched my daughter after she worked her first TEC, she came home with a spark and talked about how much the weekend meant to her and how interesting other kids are. She also showed a lot of compassion and told me that some kids had things pretty tough and she was grateful that she had a good life. The more she attended TEC, the more I would see that spark ignite and grow.

I know that she went through some difficult friend experiences and it was hard to find the right words to help her. We talked and I truly feel that she “leaned on God” for strength and direction and she has since moved beyond that sadness and has grown stronger, both personally and spiritually.

I would encourage any parent to allow their children to attend TEC and watch the true miracle of God working through them at a difficult stage of life.

After seeing how much my daughter enjoyed TEC, I also decided to work a weekend with her. It was very humbling to watch and listen to struggles and the strength of the TEC group of kids, “the TEC Community,” as they uplifted each other, accepted each other as equals and showed great respect for all who attended. I was able to see such strong bonds and friendships built. Those bonds have them driving to see others when they’re doing something special, allowing for support when times get tough, and just an all around group of kids that will be there in a heartbeat to show love and support.

TEC is a very powerful ministry that I hope more kids will take advantage of."

I've been a part of the TEC ministry for many years. I've seen God work in the lives of high school students over and over again. This is truly an amazing organization. I'm always impressed at how strangers can show up at a church on a Friday morning and immediately recognize that it's a safe and welcoming environment. That allows them to build such strong friendships with the others at their table, and truly encounter Christ.

My son is now old enough to attend TEC weekends, and it's been such a blessing to see him grow in his faith. Before he attended TEC, he didn't really like church much. But since being involved in TEC, his faith has grown so strong, and he's taken that back to our own church to become very active in our youth ministry programs.

I can't say enough good things about TEC. Any parent or guardian should encourage their kids to go, even if they're not sure about it themselves. It will be one of the best experiences of their lives.


Southern Minnesota TEC strives to enrich the faith lives of teenagers and encourage them to dig deeper into their faith through being active in their faith communities at home. TEC encourages teens to enrich their faith through relationships, Bible studies, and being a leader in their church.